May 14, 2024 Sponsored Pre-Conference Program

Limited seating! Please see registration links below.

9:00 am

Voices of resilience: Amplifying Youth Voices for Stable and Supportive Relationships in Child and Youth Mental Health, Organised by SOS Children’s Villages Sweden and SOS Children’s Villages International

The proposed workshop seeks to empower and amplify the voices of children and youth engaged in mental health initiatives and with experience from SOS Children’s Villages programs through a panel discussion. It will feature three young participants representing diverse groups. Through this format, the workshop aims to facilitate dialogue on prevention and early intervention in child and youth mental health, emphasizing the significance of stable and supportive relationships.  Kindly register to the workshop by sending an email to

Spontaneous attendees are also welcome.

9:00 am

Why music should be seen as a powerful mental health care tool for young people, Organised by Spotify and UNICEF

Join Spotify and UNICEF, and their expert panelists, in advocating for more research to be done to fully understand the protective and healing benefits music can have on brain health, as well as more investment into the integration of music into existing youth mental health services, and sharing practical examples from around the World on how the power of music and audio can and should be amplified and taken up by donors, governments, and other public and private sector stakeholders.

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10:00 am

Designing an Accelerator Hub for Implementors of Adolescent Mental Well-being Initiatives, Organised by UNICEF and Z Zurich Foundation

During this interactive Workshop, participants will inform the design and functionality of The Accelerator Hub online platform and community of practice to improve global learning, knowledge management, cross-country collaboration, and the dissemination of evidence-based strategies and open-source solutions to promote mental health and wellbeing of adolescents and their caregivers.

10:00 am

Mental Health Futures through Systems Innovation, Organised by MHPSS Collaborative and UNICEF Office of Innovation

This workshop seeks to ignite collaborative, multi-sector action focused on driving scaling of evidence-based solutions for the mental health and wellbeing of children. Bringing together actors from across the mental health innovation ecosystem to foster uncommon collaborations to accelerate impact and overcome barriers to scale. This workshop, collaboratively convened by the UNICEF Office of Innovation, the MHPSS Collaborative, and other key partners, promises to be an engaging, participatory space. Join us to shape the future of child and youth mental health innovation.  Register for the workshop today! –

1:00 pm

Patient-reported outcomes measures (PROM) and its potential in global mental health, Organised by Takeda Pharma AB

This workshop will explore why patient reported outcome measures (PROM) are important within mental health. It will address this through a case study example on PROM development and its application for ADHD. A panel will discuss what can be learned from PROM in ADHD, and the scalability of PROM approaches to other mental health areas for children and adolescents and in different regions. Value and opportunities in applying real-world data on PROM will be presented from the perspectives of patients, health care and society. This workshop will be pivotal in addressing the potential role of PROM for future mental health.

1:00 pm

Building Resilient Futures: Harnessing Private Sector Innovation for Youth Mental Health, Organised by the UNICEF-led Global Coalition for Youth Mental Health 

Can we really work across sectors to support children and youth mental health? What should be the role of the private sector in innovation and collaboration on mental health?

Join members of UNICEF-led Global Coalition for Youth Mental Health, youth representatives, academics, practitioners and private sector representatives for a workshop on the role of the private sector in innovation and collaboration on mental health. This session will bring a variety of perspectives, expertise and backgrounds to contribute to the global conversation on how we can be truly collaborative across sectors to support children and young people’s mental health. 

To register, please follow this link

3:00 pm

Through SBC Lens: Enhancing Results for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Organised by UNICEF and Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

This will be a stimulating session on the application of social and behaviour change strategies for mental health and psychosocial well-being among children and adolescents. This side event aims to share available research and evidence, good practices, and newer tools and guidance; cultivate dialogue, and inspire more initiatives. It will be an opportunity to network with young people driving change in their communities. Through intellectually exciting discussions and knowledge-sharing, attendees will gain helpful insights into how the advancement of social and behavioral change field stands to amplify individual change and social transformations for mental health among children and adolescents.

3:00 pm

Socioemotional learning – evidence and action, Organised by UNICEF Sweden and Siri Helle

In this workshop, participants will receive an introduction to SEL, and the current state of research. Representatives from youth organizations will share children and young peoples’ voices about their situation, status and needed actions to advance and strengthen the positions. We will share experiences and challenges from our diverse regions, backgrounds, and perspectives, and engage in discussions on how to propel development forward to integrate SEL into educational frameworks worldwide.

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